Acquires licensing rights to formulated hydration product for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Sydney, Australia, 17 May 2016: Mundipharma Pty Limited (Mundipharma) today announced an exclusive licensing agreement for hydration product aquamamma® in Australia and New Zealand.

In the last couple of years, Obstetrician Dr Rob Buist became particularly aware of the issue. He developed aquamamma® in response to the absence of a healthy hydration product specifically formulated for pregnant women, women in labour and breastfeeding mums. The new hydration beverage contains added folic acid, but is low in sugar, low in sodium and low in calories. It is made in Australia, packaged in a BPA-free bottle and comes in three flavours: orange, lemon, and mixed berry.

Joern Packross, Director of Consumer Health at Mundipharma commented: “aquamamma® addresses a significant gap in the hydration product market and is a strong fit with Mundipharma’s commitment to help people better manage their health. This licensing agreement is one example of our strategy to invest in promising business opportunities that complement our current portfolio.”

Dr Rob Buist, commented: “This is the beginning of an exciting new chapter for aquamamma®: the agreement with Mundipharma provides access to meaningful new distribution platforms thanks to their broad network of pharmacies in Australia and New Zealand.”

aquamamma® is currently available for purchase from local pharmacies and online at




Low Sugar – Contains only 2.5g sugar per 100mL. See sugar content comparisons on
Low Calories – Contains 47kJ/100mL.
Low in Sodium – Contains 15mg of sodium per 100mL.
Folic Acid – Contains a small amount of folic acid to help meet the daily needs of pregnant and breastfeeding women.
Developed by an Australian obstetrician.
Made in Australia.
Available in local pharmacies and online at
RRP: 450mL – $4.50; 1L – $8.99; 4x450mL Value Packs $14.99 (not available online)


Hydration and Pregnancy
During pregnancy, an increased fluid intake is needed to cope with the demands of your changing body. (Ref 1)
During pregnancy, the total fluid in the body increases by about 1.4L. (Ref 2)
During pregnancy, blood volume increases by about 50%. (Ref 2)
Drinking enough water prevents dehydration. Dehydration can lead to symptoms such as thirst, fatigue, dark urine, dizziness, and headaches. (Ref 3)

Hydration and Breastfeeding
Water accounts for 87% of breast milk. (Ref 1)
Breastfeeding mothers experience an increased water loss via breast milk of approximately 700mL per day. (Ref 1)
Experts recommend the adequate intake of fluid for breastfeeding women is up to 2.6L per day. (Ref 1)



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® AQUAMAMMA is a registered trade mark