Our visionary approach and innovative spirit spans six decades.

  • First Mundipharma entity founded in Switzerland
  • Operations commenced in the United Kingdom
  • Developed prolonged release technology for treating chronic pain
  • Asian operations established
  • Mundipharma International established
  • Mundipharma Pty Limited established in Australia
  • OxyContin® tablets released in Australia
  • Opening of Singapore regional office
  • Operations launched in New Zealand
  • NORSPAN® patch released in Australia
  • Mundipharma Australia reached 100 employees
  • TARGIN® tablets released in Australia
  • Operations in Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa began
  • Mundipharma Australia reached 150 employees
  • flutiform® inhaler released in Australia
  • Abuse deterrent formulation of OxyContin® tablets released in Australia
  • First export of non-prescription products from Australia
  • Ophthalmology products added to the portfolio
  • Burnaid®, Rapaid®, Woundaid® acquired
  • aquamamma® launched
  • mundicare® launched
  • PANACEA™ launched



® OXYCONTIN, NORSPAN and TARGIN are registered trademarks.
® FLUTIFORM is the registered trade mark of Jagotec AG used under licence by Mundipharma Pty Limited.