At Mundipharma, business development is focused on the creation of long-term value for patients, customers and our partners.

We want to grow our business by creating strong brands that positively impact the quality of life for the people that use our products.

We are interested in a broad range of therapeutic areas: pain, CNS disorders, respiratory, oncology, GI disorders, anti-infectives, general medicine and wound care. We are actively looking for products that complement our current portfolio or offer a promising opportunity for the Australian and New Zealand markets, both in the prescription medicine and non prescription product sectors.

We seek opportunities to acquire or in-license commercial, near-commercial and development-stage products that would benefit from our patient-focused commercial capabilities.  Our sales network spans hospitals, medical specialists, general practitioners, pharmacists, pharmacy staff, commercial and procurement personnel, as well our particular focus in the area of aged care.

If you are looking for an ally, contact our business development team and we will explore potential collaboration opportunities together.

Business Development