Working in partnership with healthcare professionals, Mundipharma’s ultimate aim is to improve patient care and quality of life through education.

All our programs are developed in collaboration with key clinical opinion leaders and delivered under the umbrella of CARE by mundipharma® which stands for Clinical Academic Resources and Education.

Our CARE by mundipharma® educational programs focus on instilling best practice in the management of patients and have a particular focus on disease management as well as the appropriate use of medicines.  They are delivered to hundreds of healthcare professionals across Australia, providing practical resources and clinical tools that are highly relevant and support day-to-day activities in clinical practice.

CARE by Mundipharma

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Working in collaboration with healthcare professionals in clinics, public and private hospitals, we also support a wide range of activities for medical, pharmacy and allied healthcare professional organisations by providing financial and educational support to industry associations and patient groups.



® CARE BY MUNDIPHARMA is a registered trademark