Leading the way in pain awareness in the aged care environment.

Up to 93% of residents in aged care facilities have chronic pain (1)
Only 56% of residents with dementia receive pain medication (2)

The Pain Advocacy Nurse in Aged Care (PANACEA) program has been designed to support aged care organisations through the implementation of The Australian Pain Society’s best practice guidelines in aged care(3).

The program aims to improve care for residents experiencing pain, enhance education and increase empowerment of staff including care workers in regards to chronic pain.

It offers interactive facilitator workshops on themes specific to identifying and appropriately assessing pain in the aged care environment. The topics covered throughout the program include “Pain in older people”, “Conducting a pain assessment”, and “Recognising pain in people with dementia”.

Key pillars of the PANACEA program include:

  • Creating a pain vigilant culture within aged care facilities
  • Supporting staff to advocate on behalf of residents in pain
  • Encouraging staff to have ongoing conversations about pain with residents, families, each other and GPs
  • Creating a dedicated pain resource person within each facility

PANACEA materials were developed by Mundipharma based on pain management guidelines from the Australian Pain Society and were developed with the assistance of an advisory board.

Mundipharma is committed to improving the quality of life for the elderly who are in pain, and the PANACEA program is offered at no charge to aged care organisations.


For more information about Mundipharma or the PANACEA™ program, contact:

Judith McIvor – PANACEA Program Facilitator (NSW), Ph: 0439 942 595, Judith.McIvor@mundipharma.com.au

Deborah Hughes – PANACEA Program Facilitator (VIC), Ph. 0427 103 813, Deborah.Hughes@mundipharma.com.au




(1) Abdulla A, et al. Guidance on the management of pain in older people. Age and Ageing 2013; 42:i1-i57
(2) Reynolds KS, et al. J pain Symptom Manage 2008;35:388-96
(3) The Australian Pain Society’s best practice guidelines in aged care are: Pain in residential aged care facilities: Management strategies and accompanying Pain management guidelines kit for aged care.

ORBIS: AU-3592