Gloup®– Purpose Designed Medication Lubricant

Many patients struggle to swallow their tablets and medications, resulting in substances such as yoghurt, fruit puree or jam being used to assist with swallowing. None of these substances have been designed for use with medications and may impact the efficacy, side effect profile and absorption of the drug.

Gloup® is the first purpose designed medication lubricant available in Australia that makes swallowing medications and vitamin supplements a more pleasant experience.

Gloup® is a slippery gel that makes tablets and capsules easier to swallow and may negate the need to crush or alter medications. It has no known side-effects and is designed to have minimal or no impact on the absorption of medications.

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Follow the direction for use. If symptom persist, talk to your health professional. Consult a healthcare professional in the case of moderate-severe dysphagia.

GLOUP is a registered trade mark