Science Meets Nature To Deliver a New Range of First Aid Treatments

Wound Awareness Week – 16-21 October

As a leader in melaleuca oil production, Australia is enabling the development of the next generation of family first-aid treatments.  Harnessing the antiseptic healing properties of melaleuca oil, researchers have created a new range of natural, first-aid treatments to provide  ‘no sting’ formulations for use in a range of treatments for cuts, stings, minor burns and grazes.

Jan Rice is a leading expert in wound care and founding Director of wound management consultancy, Jan Rice WoundCareServices.  Jan comments, “We know that many Australians prefer to use natural treatments whenever possible. We also know the healing properties of melaleuca oil are well established in treating wounds. Now today’s advanced science has harnessed the high quality product of Australian melaleuca oil to provide a cost effective, ‘no sting’ antiseptic solution.

“Melaleuca Oil has been traditionally used to support healing in wound care and burns[1].  Evidence continues to support a compelling reason for the focus on developing new formulations that can deliver the benefits of melaleuca oil, such as the new mundicare® range,” said Jan Rice.

Australia ranks first in the world when it comes to production volumes of melaleuca oil, with Northern New South Wales providing the perfect growing environment for this native plant.

Melaleuca Farmer, John Fitzgerald comments, ”The quality of our melaleuca oil is second to none and unadulterated. The oil contained within the mundicare® range exceeds strict ISO (international standard) quality requirements.  It is exciting to be associated with mundicare®, knowing that our melaleuca oil goes directly from farm to their first-aid products.

“We have seen consumer demand grow year on year. This has been driven by the quality of produce harvested from Australian plantations. We are proud to see Australia leading the research and development efforts to meet these demands,” said John Fitzgerald.

With many medicinal therapies originating from nature, growing naturally in forests, fields, and deserts, it’s not surprising that consumer insights reveal a shift back to seeking effective first aid treatments that harness the power of natural active ingredients, such as melaleuca oil.

The Australian made mundicare® range* offering treatments for cuts, stings, minor burns and grazes is becoming the new ‘go-to’ for the family first-aid cabinet.  The mundicare® range is available for purchase at leading pharmacies.  For more information visit



  • The melaleuca family of trees is endemic to Australia – there are over 300 varieties extending from ground cover shrubs to 10 metre tall trees.
  • The bark of the melaleuca tree is flaky and easily peels away from the trunk in sheets – thus the common name – ‘paperbark’
  • The melaleuca leaves are soft and stringent to smell, a quality that gives them their other common name – ‘tea tree’.
  • Annual harvests are done between July and August each year and weather dictates yield rates.
  • Once harvested, just above ground level, the branches (biomass) are placed into stainless steel field bins, transported to the shed where distillation processing is done.
  • It takes only 2 hours from harvest to distillation of essential oil.
  • Australian melalueca oil (tea tree oil) is a natural essential oil and natural antiseptic, world renowned for its consistent high quality that is suitable for use in medical products.
  • Melaleuca oil has recognised antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties and is widely formulated into many cosmetic and personal care products, including, creams and gels, as well as being used as a topical antiseptic for use on cuts, abrasions and insect stings to name a few[1].
  • The mundicare® range is made in Australia* from home grown melaleuca trees grown and processed in Northern NSW.
  • The range treats a number of minor wounds from cuts and scrapes, stings and bites through to skin irritations and burns.
  • Available from Pharmacies with RRP (incl GST):
    • Antiseptic Gel 50g – $9.99
    • Antiseptic Spray 50g – $9.99
    • Itch Relief Gel 25g – $8.99
    • Itch Relief Spray 25ml – $8.99
    • Burnaid Burn Gel 50gm – $9.99
    • Skin Relief Cream 50g – $8.99
    • Woundaid 25g – $8.49
  • Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.


* Excluding Burnaid® dressings

[1] Carson, C, Hammer, K & Riley T 2006, ‘Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) Oil: a Review of Antimicrobial and Other Medicinal Properties’, Clinical Microbiology Review, Jan 2006, 50-62





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