Over the last few months Mundipharma have been part of a joint campaign with the Aged Care Report Card raising awareness of pain in the elderly, particularly recognising pain in those with dementia.  The Aged Care Report Card is an online platform that provides information to help consumers in their decision making process of finding the right aged care facility for them. The online site is also a source of information and news for the elderly and their families.

Click on any of the video’s below to find out more about pain in the elderly…

People with dementia can feel pain just like anyone else. So why do some people with dementia experience poor pain management?


Pain is often undetected in people with dementia. While it may be easy to assign the aberrant behaviour of a patient to their dementia or Alzheimer’s it is vital to consider they may be in pain and be unable to communicate this as they once might have.


When assessing a person’s pain it is important to get a “pain history” – so what exactly is a “pain history” and how do you properly conduct one?