Mundipharma proudly provides a broad range of products covering a variety of therapeutic areas including chronic pain, cancer, glaucoma, and asthma, helping people better manage their health and improve their quality of life.

Australian laws and regulations limit the amount of information we can provide to the general public via our website. Our Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) leaflets are intended for patients who have been prescribed our products. They provide information on the safe and effective use of the prescription medicine. Our Product Information (PI) sheets are intended for healthcare professionals. They provide a summary of the essential scientific information for the safe and effective use of a prescription medicine.


DILAUDID® tablets and liquid

immediate release hydromorphone hydrochloride

DILAUDID®HP ampoules

MS CONTIN® tablets

controlled release morphine sulfate

MS CONTIN® suspension

controlled release morphine sulfate

MS MONO® capsules

controlled release morphine sulfate

Norspan® Patch

transdermal buprenorphine matrix patch

ORDINE® oral solution

immediate release morphine hydrochloride

OxyContin® tablets

modified release oxycodone hydrochloride

OxyNorm® injection

immediate release oxycodone hydrochloride

SEVREDOL® tablets

immediate release morphine sulfate

TARGIN® tablets

modified release oxycodone and modified release naloxone hydrochloride dihydrate


COSOPT® eye drops

dorzolamide (as hydrochloride) and timolol (as maleate)


Timoptol® Eye Drops


Trusopt® Eye Drops

dorzolamide (as hydrochloride)



ALOXI® injection

FOLOTYN® injection



fluticasone propionate / eformoterol

® COSOPT, DILAUDID, MS CONTIN, MS MONO, NORSPAN, OXYCONTIN, OXYNORM, SAFLUTAN, SEVREDOL, TARGIN, TIMOPTOL, TIMOPTOL-XE, and TRUSOPT are registered trade marks. ® ORDINE is a registered trade mark of Pfizer (Perth) Pty Ltd and is used under licence. ® FLUTIFORM is the registered trade mark of Jagotec AG used under licence by Mundipharma Pty Limited. ® AKYNZEO and ALOXI are registered trade marks of Helsinn Healthcare SA, Switzerland. ® FOLOTYN is a registered trade mark owned by Allos Therapeutics Inc. and used by Mundipharma as Authorised User.